Positus Capital is a private office with a history of investments made across an array of industries. Positus is part of Tamaran Group FZE. Our experience lies in leisure and tourism, agriculture and forestry, construction, oil and gas, FinTech, engineering, utilities, infrastructure and Tech. We look for growth opportunities through market dominance, diversification, consolidation and rationalization.

With expertise in creating profitable growth strategies leading to an exit via, trade sale, management buyout or private listing.

Investing and Advising on Mergers and Acquisitions in the SME sector. We provide debt and equity funding and use our extensive network to support growth and enhance strategic direction. We focus on revenue-generating businesses who are ideally profitable.

Focused on maximizing shareholder value through profitable growth and or release of asset value.

Our Experience

1998 – Mackenzie River Travel (MRT) in the UK.

2001 to 2007 –Azure Investment Group (later to become Positus Capital) acquires New Horizons Computer Learning in Scotland.

2008 – Total Recruitment Ltd. in Scotland.

2010  – Positus Capital part of Tamaran Group FZE, Dubai the property investment specialist was founded by Thomas John Stodart.

2011 – Scottish Electric Group in Scotland.

2012 – DC Winders Ltd. in the UK.

2012 – Screw Conveyor Ltd. in Dubai.

2013 – Muirfield Construction Ltd. in Scotland.

2014 – Dick Brothers Limited in the UK.

2015 – Elliot Henderson Ltd. in Scotland.

2018 – Positus Capital backs Huerto Works (www.huertoworks.com) a Mallorca based agricultural business.

2019 – Thomas John Stodart funds the US-based educational business Meta Learning,  www.metalearningglobal.com. 

2020 – Positus Capital made a multi-million euro investment in Spanish Sustainable Developer, Sita Mallorca (www.sitamallorca.com)