In 2018, Positus Capital backs Huerto Works ( a Mallorca based agricultural business. John Stodart, the founder of Positus Capital, confirms the investment was made as part of its commitment to sustainability. With a background in agriculture and a strong attachment to family values and with children interested in agriculture the investment in Huerto Works was a logical move. Huerto Works focuses on its quest to be the agent of choice for those looking for permaculture and sustainable solutions for the land.   With an array of machinery and practices developed to ensure the low impact to the soil and plant life, Huerto is uniquely placed to assist in permaculture, regenerative agriculture and low impact farming principles. 

The objective of the business is to support fincas in Sóller valley. The business offers, among other things, the rental of agricultural machinery. “Since we harvest ourselves on our property, we know how problematic that can be. Especially here in the Tramuntana Mountains, there is rocky excess terrain that makes access to the vegetable and fruit growing areas difficult, ” explains Stodart. 

Since its creation, Huerto Works with its own plantations of local products in Sóller has contributed to the local Cooperativa to deliver; olives, oranges, satsumas, clementines, avocados, cumquats and grapes for winemaking.  These products are sold locally in Mallorca to restaurants, bars and hotels.  The main customer for the Canoneta Oranges harvested by Huerto Works is Germany.  In recent years Huerto Works has specialized in the growing of biodynamic and organic vines. With both Syrah and Granache vines being planted. Bio Dynamic wine is made by farming all components of the vineyard as one whole entity, eliminating the use of chemicals and using natural materials and composts. Companion planting of plants to act as natural pest management avoids the use of spraying or using toxic pesticides.  Many of our farming practices, from pruning to harvesting, are controlled by the biodynamic calendar. Organic agriculture practices dispense with the use of pesticides and focuses on the natural cycles of the ecosystem, a  sustainable concept that is better for our generation and future generations to come.

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