We believe our approach is different. The first step is to talk, that is why we offer a no-obligation video call. Our threshold of interest begins at a 500k turnover. Our acquisitions range from 500k to 20M. If the chemistry is good between all parties then we move forward at pace.  We are transparent at all stages and thrive on open communication. We partner with you from the beginning with a goal of mutual success for all parties.



We acquire businesses who are either trading successfully or have recently become distressed.

Our philosophy is to be opportunistic in approach and creative in deal structure, ensuring that we maximise the benefit for all parties.  We invest wherever we see an opportunity for the business to grow or an event that will either help create the investment opportunity or help to realise it. We approach all opportunities with downside risk in mind and careful planning.

Our goal is always to maximise returns on a cash basis for our shareholders and we work tirelessly to this end. We make decisions quickly, though not at the expense of completing our work, and when we do decide to commit capital, we have an experienced execution team in place to deal with all necessary documentation.


Our experiences include: market and industry consolidation through mergers and acquisition, distressed investing, liquidations and insolvency, private equity, venture capital, debt funding and private investment.

Our role is to assist you in finding the best solution to meet your objectives.  Our wealth of experience as entrepreneurs and founders allows us to focus on realisable solutions.


Positus Capital has substantial sums available for investment as debt or equity and invests its own capital across a broad range of investment choices. Where our own funds are insufficient for any particular investment, we have access to a considerable sum from our investment partners.  We will acquire the entire share capital in the business, but our preference is always to have executive management share in ownership.


We invest in credit opportunities especially relating to special circumstances where liquidity has temporarily been negatively impacted, as often with property or machinery as collateral.  We have an active distressed lending business and provide short term bridging loans to companies in financial distress.


We actively invest in distressed companies with a view to engineering a turnaround of the company.

Our investments are actively managed by our execution team with continuous market intelligence and a commitment to constantly revisit our investment thesis.


We actively invest in private equity where the business is emerging or has emerged from a turnaround situation. We look for strong cash generation and attractive industry dynamics.

We are content to be minority partners in a transaction where suitable protections are in place. We typically look for investment opportunities where we can add substantial value through our connectivity, knowledge and management expertise. Our ability to commit capital alone is only part of the value we bring to the table.


We actively invest where there are special circumstances involving a security, usually debt, that would compel the investor to sell the security based on current circumstances.

In the current market liquidity is a key component in effecting business viability.

Our innovative approach allows us to create solutions that deliver best results for all shareholders including current owners.