Positus Capital makes multi million euro investment in Spanish Sustainable Developer, Sita Mallorca (www.sitamallorca.com) in 2020. John Stodart, founder of Positus Capital, recalls “when the opportunity was presented to invest in a slice of prime Real Estate in the centre of Sóller, the stunningly beautiful town in the World Heritage Serra de Tramuntana, our interest was peaked” he continues “however the real interest became apparent when we saw the vision to create these stunning townhouses in a truly sustainable fashion. Utilizing the latest technology combined with truly locally sourced materials combined with a passion to ensure these new homes are sympathetic to their surroundings and blend in as if they were built in 1890”.  The luxury property investment company has carved itself a prominent position within Sóller, Northwest Mallorca.  Some of the most important contributors within the construction sector seek to collaborate with Sita Mallorca to build the Casas Del Ficus project.  Sita Mallorca has designed Casas del Ficus as a new concept of luxury and healthy homes, respecting our traditional, local architecture combined with sustainable elements throughout construction to ensure a low-impact environmentally friendly home for today and beyond. Their build approach is based on health and well-being integrating the latest in technology and sustainable build practices. The goal is to create an oasis to disconnect and relax, providing a luxurious living space with a focus on comfort, low-maintenance, sophisticated style, and well-being,  using products of the very highest quality and most importantly creating a home that has biophilic design at its heart. Sita Mallorca had the vision to bring something new to Sóller (Balearic Islands) as being the very first construction in the region which designs three townhouses, Casas del Ficus, that are built by latest innovative materials in Europe. The luxury property development company in Mallorca is now growing the business with new plots acquisitions to revolutionize the Inmobiliaria market empowered by a new sustainable construction concept in the island. Thomas John Stodart comments that the commitment in investment is to constructing sustainable homes.

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