We specialise in acquiring businesses with a purchase price range of £1M to £15M.

We buy established businesses who have growth potential who have demonstrated profitability and remain profitable or have recently been loss making due to exceptional circumstances.

We have in house management expertise which can assist with the burdens of management for those owners who wish to retire and pass the reins on.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can we progress to a sale?

To a degree, the timing is driven by you the seller. In exceptional circumstances, we have concluded acquisitions within 15 days from the first call. However, the average length of time is 6 to 8 weeks.

Our business is in a distressed state and we are running out of cash, can you help?

In these difficult times it’s not unusual to see even the most robust businesses suffering.   We are experienced in providing cashflow support and bridging the gap whilst we formalise an investment or acquisition.

I only wish to sell a percentage of my business to fund the expansion and growth of the business. Would Positus buy less than 100%?

We often leave a % for the management or current owners in the structure of the investment. We are creative in our approach to deal structure and we look to incentivise performance whenever it is in the best interests of the business.

I have little experience in selling businesses, what is my first step?

Call us or drop an email and we will arrange a time to speak.  It all starts with a conversation.  We are a team of experienced business people who have experienced the multiple challenges that are part and parcel of running and growing a business.


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